Making a Meme Out of Myself & Other Updates

hello lovely people.


i don’t consider myself extremely well-versed in pop culture. i don’t really use much slang, & i still have no idea what my companion cass means when she tells me to “get that bread.” nevertheless, i recently decided to poke fun of my generation’s pop culture contributions by making a meme out of myself.

disclaimer: as a writer & not a scientist, this quasi-science experiment is probably not the most precise/correct/dignified (?). if you’re looking for a science-y person, you should hunt down my companion, the awesome marfgot.

not really a problem, but my friend stephanie (i call her cef) was shocked that i didn’t really know many memes & began showing me them. i didn’t understand all of them, but i did laugh at a few.

hypothesis: n/a

used a photo staf took of me where i’m smiling really wide. i didn’t have the “meme” font, so i went with the closest font i had in phonto. i then plastered on the words “I REJECT MY SUITORS” because i said that while walking up three flights of stairs to go to class at Kenyon & cef burst out laughing. oh, and a few kids in my class found that funny & began asking me personal questions about my (non-existent) dating life. lol.

showed it to cef, cass, my sister, & two other people (a brother/sister duo). my sister was the only one who didn’t laugh, but i think she was smiling.

conclusion: not really sure, but i think i learned a few things about myself through this fake experiment:
1. my sense of humor is still alive
2. i can be impulsive
3. i’m not afraid to get out of my comfort zone & try new things

if you’d like to take a look at the meme, let me know.


i was really happy the lord let me go to ssot this year. the focus was on the bible & here are a few things that touched me the most:

1. i think i’ve always came to conferences with some concepts/expectations–especially to ssot, because i always experienced a “spiritual high” there/i’d always cry there. so i was expecting something like that this year, but it didn’t happen. the closest i came to a spiritual high was probably at the first lord’s table meeting, when we were singing “jesus lord, i’m captured by thy beauty”, haha. there was also one meeting where all the sisters were crying & “a total emotional mess”, as one of my companions put it, but i wasn’t crying. instead, i felt peace & relief in the fact that there was no condemnation in the lord, even after everything that i had done this past year/the months leading up to ssot. i was expressing worry about this to an older sister, & she said that i shouldn’t compare conference to conference. she told me that the lord would touch me in however way he wanted to.

2. i appreciated the fellowship of the body. i didn’t request anyone specific, so i had a one-on-one with brother shepherd. because i didn’t really know him, i was a bit skeptical when sitting down with him, but the lord proved me wrong. brother shepherd didn’t have all the answers, but i really appreciated the time spent with him & what he said concerning something i’d been struggling for the past two years. it was liberating to hear it, as if a heavy stone had been rolled from my heart.

3. i had been praying for the lord to be real to me during the ten days, & i was touched by how many personal experiences the lord gave me this ssot with the word. i’m a naturally hot-tempered person, so i got frustrated a few times. when that happened, i’d walk around the camp as many times as i needed while praying/half-ranting about what i was so steamed over. then, i’d sit down somewhere (my favorite place was on a rock near the pond) & read the bible. & every time, i felt like the lord was speaking to me/calming me through the word. afterwards, i’d simply be at peace.

i was also touched by something the lord reminded me about: last year, i was in the ER because of pneumonia. my lungs weren’t working right, i couldn’t breathe normally, & i was in pain from coughing so much. i never felt so exhausted & scared. i remember how one night, i was suddenly overwhelmed with sadness, perhaps out of all the emotional build-up in the past few days, & i was texting an older sister about it. she sent me hebrews 5-6. part of it says,

for He Himself has said, “I shall by no means give you up, neither by any means shall I abandon you”; So that being of good courage, we say, “The Lord is my Helper, and I will not fear…”

the word was so loving, so kind–as is the lord himself. i simply needed to let him love me & comfort me.

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