Hello. Two days ago, I graduated from the Summer School of Truth, my home and heart for the last six years. It is impossible to capture my experience in a simple blog post, but I am very happy, and I am grateful for my TAs, serving ones, my dearest companions, and God.

here are some truths I learned every year:

Year One | The Triune God | Oikonomia
1. Brother Peter speaking = the Crying Meeting
2. The Father = watermelon crust, the Son = red fruit, the Spirit = juice
3. Do not go places without telling the TA/serving one

Year Two | The Two Spirits | Tripartite
1. We have an All-Inclusive Spirit! This Spirit is in our spirit and supplies all our needs
2. Building B nightmares. Brush aside the curtains, open the window
3. Press down on the toilet lever and hold for three seconds to flush. Otherwise, you risk clogging it

Year Three | Life | Truth
1. Have more faith in Ash. She will not lose the letters
2. The Lord came to give us life & for us to have His life abundantly!
3. You belongs to God

Year Four | The Church | Purpose
1. Jesus died for the church, His Bride.
2. You are made awesomely and wonderfully. You are God’s masterpiece
3. Satan is a creep and a big fat liar / We’re gonna kick him in the Lake of Fire / Oh, hallelujah, oh, hallelujah / Jesus lives in me

Year Five | The Bible | Revelation
1. There is no condemnation in the Lord
2. Z. gives the best back massages
3. Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God

Year Six | God’s Full Salvation | Transformation
1. God’s mercy reaches further than His love. His mercy allows Him to love us
2. Satan tries to deceive us concerning God’s word, purpose, heart, and intentions
3. 9 sisters with PV, 7 sisters with PV + PA!

From the nursery in the meeting hall to Building B at Penuel to the faces of everyone on a Zoom screen, I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, and I’ve come to know God a little more with my sisters. I can’t wait to come back next year as a TA and gain even more of Him, but for now, I’ll keep running :).

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